Georges California Modern - La Jolla, CA

Dinner - Saturday, July 14, 2012

I don't want to give the impression that TBL3 is the only worthwhile experience at Georges at the Cove. Following are pictures from a recent meal with dishes from the regular California Modern menu, as of the date above.

NB: In addition to the dishes we ordered and paid for, the kitchen sent out a number of complimentary courses - I have marked those with asterisks (*) in the captions.

Providence - Los Angeles, CA

Dinner - Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our most recent meal at Providence was once again with guests from out of town. For the first time, we were seated in the cellar room to the right of the main entrance. I liked it - more private than the main dining room, without the isolation of the chef's table. We'll have to remember to request this space in the future (although it is not necessarily conducive to photography due to the extreme mixed lighting in the room - thus, I apologize in advance for the photos).

The tasting menu was quite a departure from previous progressions (for the better, in my opinion). As I've given background ad nauseum about the restaurant in earlier posts, I'll get right to it and let the pictures tell the evening's story.