Welcome to {Insert Food}

ATTENTION: This site is historical. For posts after January 2015, please visit the new home of this blog, yaowong.com

This blog is an archive of some of our more memorable forays in the world of food. Growing up at opposite ends of the globe (quite literally - Chicago and Kuala Lumpur are longitudinally 172° apart), we're inherently obliged to travel a fair bit, and we use this opportunity to find good food everywhere. Having collectively eaten great meals across the world for 13 years (as of 2014), we finally realized the need for digital organization in late 2010... hence, this online journal.

I hope to let the pictures speak (mostly) for themselves. I try to capture photos that present the food as we experienced it, preserving the ambiance of the dining environment with minimal post-processing. We hope that readers will be able to feast vicariously through our posts. Please join us on our ongoing adventures!

Loin of duck, truffles, iodized complements - Mugaritz, Errenteria, Spain (2009)